We believe the right career decision can transform your life

With the rapid growth of the IT industry that decision gets harder and harder to make though, and the recruitment agencies focusing on “making placements” or “filling a position” are rarely able to grant the insight required to make the best decision.

The consultants at Career Craft all share an interest in the tech scene and the people we support. This is essential to stay up to date with the rapid developments and allows for our personalized style of recruiting, that puts the individual first. We believe focusing on supporting the best career decision for individuals not only benefits them, but also the industry as a whole, as companies are able to hire talent who share their values and contribute to a more positive environment.

Our Team

  • Johan Kraft

    Founder of Career Craft


    Background recruiting for specialized jobs like engineers and designers, as well as top executive positions at consulting companies and Japanese web startups. Close connections with hiring managers as well as investors and CEOs, and a good understanding of the inner workings of most major web industry companies.

  • Kazuya Sawada

    Principal Consultant


    Background as a recruiter for non-Japanese engineers at a startup and later as an engineer headhunter for top Japanese engineers. Currently specializes in supporting engineers of all seniority with their career, making use of his wide connection network in web industry and B to B software companies.

  • Daniel Arrowsmith

    Senior Consultant


    Background in recruitment for the online media industry. Daniel has experience working with a range of companies, from GAFA and other large international firms, and also medium and venture companies. Daniel is very knowledgable about the online media industry and is available anytime to hear your interests.

  • Kazuya Nishimaki



    Background in sales at a real estate firm and consulting for web industry companies. Focus on supporting the career development of engineers and designers at Web and game industry companies.

  • James Pålsson

    Associate Consultant


    Mathematical Statistics graduate from the University of Gothenburg. Worked as a high school teacher in mathematics and programming before joining Career Craft. Specializes in engineering and data science positions.

  • Maahide Okadac

    Principal Consultant


    大学卒業後、不動産業、金融業を得て起業をするが倒産。 その後、金融業から外資IT営業の経験経てヘッドハンターに転職。 特に外資SaaSやコンサルファーム業界に深く精通しており 自らの経験をもとに、候補者に寄り添い転職をサポートしている。


Company name
Career Craft, Inc.
Head office
Sakagami Building 7F, 3-27-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Google Maps
Johan Kraft
July 5, 2018
5.1 million yen
Japanese recruitment licence